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Certificates of Authenticity - Individual to you & known to the art world

Our Certificates of Authenticity add an element of verification to the purchase of the print. This becomes part of the work’s provenance. Many collectors appreciate this because the document provides essential information about their investment and bears the artist’s original signature.

Pen and pixel poster Certificate front
Pen and pixel poster Certificate back

The Certificate provides added value to the collector, who gets important details about the work itself, how to care for it, and information about the artist who created it.  A Pen and Pixel Graphics Certificate of Authenticity will be shipped first class mail after the purchase of the print. This increases familiarity with our process and sets the stage for more purchases. We are confident you will be pleased and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


All Certificates of Authenticity are original documents and hand-signed by the artist -

NOT photocopies. They carry the Pen and Pixel Graphics Gold embossed seal and

are dated on both the front and the back.

Our Certificate of Authenticity fully and accurately describe the work of art which it is authenticating and includes the art’s size, medium (limited edition print from the original digital files), date, title, recording artist name, and edition size (including the specific number of the work in question).


All Pen and Pixel Graphics art prints are registered with their own unique serial number and tamper-proof holographic sticker. This sticker is a two-part system, one for the Certificate and the other for the physical print. Upon receipt of the certificate and art print, you will need to place one of the holographic stickers on the back lower-left corner of the print before framing or storage.

You can buy with confidence. If you have any questions please contact us.

Pen and Pixel New Gold Seal
Pen and Pixel Cert Holographic sticker f
Pen and Pixel Logo Horz
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